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Common Questions


كيف يمكنني الاشتراك في بازار

You can subscribe to the Bazar website and application by entering the website or application

And by clicking on the positive sign on the left side of the site, or downloading the application from

Google Play or Apple Store and signing up


How many advantages of advertising in the bazaar

* Advertisement at the top of the main page of the website and the application

* Side advertisement on the site

* One day advertisement shows the website's opening count

* Commercial ads in the application

* Corporate advertisements on the site

* Featured ads on the home page of the website and the application

Distinctive ads on the site and the application


What is the method for publishing commercial advertisements in bazar?

The method of publishing commercial advertisements in the bazaar is done by the application administration

You can communicate with the application administration through the means of communication available on the site and the application


Is subscribing to Bazaar app free?

Yes, the subscription is free,

with the possibility of subscribing to paid

services that provide the user with many advantages for a small fee.



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